Laboratories facilities and services:-


a) Equipment facilities, including testing (specialized /research oriented from industries point of view)

Digital Gas Chromatograph
Computer controlled Universal Testing Machine
Total Station (Electronic Distance Measuring Equipment)
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Microwave Digester,
Portable Cascade Impactor,
Respirable type high volume sampler.
Heat Stress Monitor,
Digital Manometer
Anemometer calibration setup,
Noise Dosimeter
Blasting Seismograph, and VOD meter
Physico-mechanical rock testing with Tri-axial Testing
Testing rig equipped with Gang operated hydraulic jacking system for support testing
Computer' controlled data acquisition system for rock testing,
Direct shear apparatus,
Digital Bomb Calorimeter
FLAC 3D,FLAC 2D, SURPAC, UDEC,FLAC-SLOPE, Fragmentation Analysis Software

b) Services those could be rendered to industries (Testing/calibration, computer applications/continuing education programmes/any other)

Planning and reorganisation of ventilation system of mine.

Determination of crossing point and ignition point temperature of coal.

Mine Environment impact assessment & preparation of environmental management plans.

Assessment of Water pollution in mines.

Assessment of Noise pollution in mines.

Assessment of Dust pollution in mines (Mass Concentration & Particle size analysis)

Assessment of heat stress in mines.

Monitoring ground vibrations and assessment of fly rocks due to blasting.

Optimisation of fragmentation due to blasting

Computer and OR applications in design and planning of mines.

Project evaluation & feasibility studies.

Design of rock support for underground mines.

Determination of physico-mechanical properties of rocks, coal and mineral bodies

Strata control in underground mines.

Slope stability including Waste Dump Stability

Testing of supports used in mines ( Chocks, Props & Rope)

Mine surveying by electronic instruments.





  •      Rock Mechanics and ground Control
  •      Mine Environmental Engineering
  •      Mine Systems and Design
  •      Mine Surveying
  •      Mining Machinery
  •      Blasting